About Safety Jogger

Safety Jogger Patrick produces comfortable safety shoes, work gloves and socks of superior quality. The aim of our products: a safe and comfortable work situation. Our range of work shoes combines optimal security with comfort. Thanks to the newest technologies, our safety shoes meet the required S-standards and offer protection under diverse circumstances. We also take style into account. For the ladies, we have developed a special Lady Line: safety shoes with a feminine touch. No work shoes without work socks! Your feet are busy all day long and can use the extra support and comfort our socks have to offer them. No work can be done without your hands, so protect them! They are vital yet vulnerable. Safety Jogger Patrick provides adequate work gloves for each job.

Ceres Size.41
Rp. 1.886.500
Bestboot Size.39
Rp. 1.573.000
Geos Size.42
Rp. 2.619.500
Climber Size.40
Rp. 1.537.000
Mercurius Size.43
Rp. 1.845.000
X1100 N Size.42
Rp. 1.397.000
X0600 Size.39
Rp. 1.257.500
Force 2 Size.41
Rp. 1.886.500
X2020P Size 43
Rp. 1.519.500
Power2 Size.39
Rp. 2.026.500
Galaxy Size.43
Rp. 2.515.000
Power2 Size.43
Rp. 2.026.500
XO500 Size.38
Rp. 1.292.500
X1110 Size.40
Rp. 1.292.500
Force 2 Size.40
Rp. 1.886.500
Bestboy Size.39
Rp. 1.118.000
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